State Of Our Seas | SPONSORSHIP
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The expedition will actively build a substantial portfolio of press and media pre, during and post expedition, as well as securing regular press partnerships with the like of national news stations and major UK TV programmes to ensure maximum exposure at global, national and regional level. Aligning with the expedition as a sponsor will result in your brand being visible across multiple platforms of media locally, nationally and internationally.




Depending of sponsorship levels brands will benefit from networking and promotional opportunities at key events and dates in the expedition calendar, including a reception event; dinners pre expedition, public appearances and talks nationwide, a returning press and media event and a special post expedition party in central London. The voyage will also organise cleanup and educational events that can be specifically organised and ‘supported by’ your brand/company.



Sponsors have the opportunity to run Community Engagement programmes to gain public support for Ness and the research expedition, i.e. sponsored citizen science events and opportunities to attend a public talk by Ness. There are also opportunities for similar initiatives such as Employee Engagement programmes internally planned in conjunction to the expedition and Ness’ speaking calendar. You can also reward valued clients or customers with a chance to be part of a genuine and rare research expedition and, dependant on sponsorship level, invite clients (or run a competition for customers/followers) to come aboard the research vessel for a morning.




Sponsors will have their logo placed on the sailing vessel (varying size depending on level of sponsorship) which will be visible in press and media, at harbours/marinas along the circumnavigation, on social media via video and imagery, in the documentary set to be aired nationally on TV and internationally, in the presentation slides of public talks and in the book to be written about the expedition. Your brand will be visible to the public for years after the expedition itself completes.

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Ness and the expedition team welcome onboard sponsorship in the form of value in kind with opportunities to provide a huge variety of vital equipment including; boat navigation, sailing safety, ocean research equipment, sea kayaks, clothing, dive gear, satellite phones, GPS trackers, specialist cameras, conservation technology and communications. ROI will be tailored based on the total cost value provided from products/equipment.



There are a number of crucial day-to-day running costs and pre-voyage expenses involved in managing this research expedition including fuel, food, crew, sampling equipment, logistics, educational assets and conservation technology to be rigged to the boat. Financial sponsorship will allow us to carry out data collection and ensure press, media, events and research reports are all fully funded.




Return on investment will be tailored to the sponsorship amount or product value provided, ensuring that your company receives a package that fits your specific marketing and brand needs. Below are a few of the key areas of ROI that can be explored and built upon. Logos will be placed on the research vessel, the size of logo dependant on the level of sponsorship.


Many recent sponsors have already requested custom collaborations, including the development of environmentally friendly packaging or products in conjunction with the expedition. Others have decided to sponsor specific areas of research for the voyage and have gone on to arrange their own contributing marine research efforts to add to our mission objectives. Yet more are working with our team to plan short videos in partnership with the expedition. We are open to all ideas you have to collaborate in a meaningful and impactful way.